Our Estate Planning Process

Breaking Down The Estate Planning Process into 7 Easy Steps


STEP ONE: The first step is to schedule an initial consultation appointment so we can review your assets, discuss the implications of your status, make a recommendation, and go over our fee schedule, etc. The $250 initial consultation fee will be credited toward the total cost of your estate plan. 

STEP TWO: Once you have decided to proceed, we schedule an "intake meeting" where we gather personal and family data and discuss the distribution pattern, nomination of trustees, guardians, etc.  

STEP THREE: The intake meeting is followed by a "review meeting" where we go over a summary of your estate plan and where we collect asset documents (bank statements, deeds, etc.).              


STEP FOUR:  Full drafts are prepared and emailed to you.

STEP FIVE: You have the opportunity to comment on the documents make corrections. 

STEP SIX: Once the documents have been reviewed and approved, you come in for your third and final meeting to sign the documents and the asset transfer documents. 

STEP SEVEN: The day of your signing the transfer documents are mailed or taken in person to the various financial institutions, etc. 

 Meetings are usually scheduled 3-4 weeks apart and the flat fee is divided into three installments.